Shipping & Return Policy
Thank you for choosing Two Willows LLC. We appreciate you and want to make sure that your experience with us is a
good one.
 Because of the nature of the Internet, online and phone ordering your purchase from Two Willows LLC
acknowledges that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions prior to placing your online or phone

Shipping Charges -
Shipping within the United States is free on select items.  If a shipping fee was paid for by the
purchaser, and the item(s) are returned without good cause, this fee is not reimbursed as it has already been used to initiate
the original shipment - see exceptions below.

International Customer Shipping Charges - are invoiced separately.  Some items may not ship Internationally.  If a
shipping fee was paid for by the purchaser, and the item(s) are returned without good cause, this fee is not reimbursed as it
has already been used to initiate the original shipment - see exceptions below.

Returns - Due to F.D.A regulations, we have a no return policy.  The exceptions are breakage and manufacturing defects
(refer to
Specific Purpose of Use).  This policy is necessary as the returned product(s) must be destroyed.  

Specific Purpose of Use  -  Our products are sold solely as "Dietary Supplements".  They are not guaranteed for use nor
considered "defective" in any manner if used for any purpose or manner other than "Dietary Supplements".  Grape Seed,
Grape Skin, and White Pine Bark do not dissolve in water.  Bulk products purchased for Tincture or Glycerite manufacture
must use and conform to the standard and or customary menstrum components which include something other than simply

Order Cancellations or Changes
All order changes or cancellations must be reported prior to shipping via Email to:  If the
information is received after shipment is made the customer is responsible for any and all return shipment postage and
applicable fees.  A restocking fee may apply.

Order Change Requests After Shipment - Shall be returned by the customer, at their expense, within 1 week of receipt.  
To return a product for reimbursement or replacement, you must receive prior approval from Two Willows LLC and
obtain a RMA number
(return merchandise authorization).

RESTOCKING CHARGE:  A 50% restocking fee is assessed on the original purchase price for returned shipments. This
does not include other fees.  Exceptions are breakage or manufacturing defects as the product must be destroyed, by us,
upon receipt - per the FDA.
Other Fees:  If we pay for shipping on a package and it is returned, without good cause or without prior notification via email, by the customer, we are reimbursed for all of
our costs and or fees etc and any other fees or charges paid by us including but not limited to fees from PayPal or Ebay etc.

Carrier - Products are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS (United Parcel Service) and become the sole property of the purchaser upon delivery by the
shipping agent.

Lost Package - All shipments are issued a tracking number.  Tracking numbers are used 1) so the customer may keep track of the status of their order and make
arrangements, if necessary, for delivery of the order/shipment.  
2) Tracking numbers are used for and provide proof of package shipment and delivery to the address designated
by the customer when the order was placed.  If the customer cannot find the package and the Carrier logs the tracking number as "
Delivered"  it is then up to the customer to
contact the Carrier and file a claim or find out what happened to their package.  We will not issue refunds for "lost" packages logged "Delivered" by the Carrier.  

Package Insurance  -  If you wish to have your package insured you must notify Two Willows, LLC when you place your order, using the "Special Instructions" option.  A
separate invoice will be issued for insurance and must be paid before shipment is made.

Shipping Damage  - A picture of the damage shall be taken and submitted - via email - before any claims or reshipment are made.  
 This is Required By Us and our Carriers and is Not an Option!

Discrepancies - It is the customer's responsibility to check their shipment, upon receipt, in a timely manner, for any discrepancies.  Any discrepancies, including wrong items
or missing items, shall be reported to Two Willows LLC
within 24 hours.  Note: Shipping weight shall be used to verify missing item(s) claim.  Any shipping error return shall
be shipped back, by the customer, to us
within 1 week of receipt.

Back-Order Policy  -  If ordering an out-of-stock item, we will email you when we expect that product to be available. Two Willows LLC will then give you the option to
cancel your order for a full refund or wait until the item(s) are available.  You will b e among the first to receive the item(s) when available.  No additional shipping and handling
charges will be added when your order ships.  Products on back-order will ship using the standard carrier, USPS (United States Postal Service).  If you would like to change
your shipping method, you shall notify us before the item(s) are shipped via email on this page:  
Email and we may discuss any additional charges.  Any additional charges for
shipment must be paid by the purchaser (you) and agreed upon by Two willows LLC before shipment is made.

                                                                                                                                                           Thank you for choosing Two Willows Farm & Vineyard!
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*Inside the USA ONLY*
Questions: 231-670-6410  M-F 10-3 EST
Orders Ship M-F Within 24 HRS.
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Utilizing Chemical Free
Farming Methods
READ - Disclaimers / Considerations / Recommendations
Our Certified Grape Seed and Certified Grape Skin are CERTIFIED by an Independent Laboratory for Heavy Metals and Pesticides. We farm using
Chemical Free Farming Methods such as manure and not commercial fertilizers. Our Products are not "Certified Organic".  
We do not utilize the USDA Agency or any USDA Certifying body as we find our standards much higher and more reliable.  
EXAMPLE -  SPRAYING of PESTICIDES  may be allowed at the DOCKS and BORDERS by the USDA and a Certification may still be obtained.
Always check product(s) label(s) for "COUNTRY OF ORIGIN" -  including Animal Products as they may be sprayed with pesticides and
should not be Certifiable.  Any product(s) claiming a USDA Certification must allow you to see or obtain a copy of that certification before purchase.
Click here for more information on USDA Certification Failures  

We are not medical professionals.  We cannot give medical advise.  Due to FDA regulations and restrictions we are not allowed to make medical claims or guarantees about how the products contained herein
will work.  Our products are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or alleviate the effects of any disease or other conditions. This website contains the opinions of a variety of sources,
(including herbalists and health care professionals) with sources cited, for informational purposes only.  We highly recommend you conduct your own research.  Results may vary with individual and dosage.  
Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers or individuals taking any prescription medication.  Consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal remedy.  Use good judgment and as always -
Keep Out of Reach of Children.  The products and the information contained herein have not been evaluated by or given approval by the FDA.

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