Grapes Seed Extract Defined

  • "Reported Use
    Grapeseed may be used as an antioxidant and an anticancer treatment; to treat varicose veins and
    circulatory problems; and to treat vision problems such as cataracts and improve vision by
    lessening eye strain.

  • Investigational Use
    Researchers are experimenting with the use of grapeseed to treat diabetes mellitus and
    degenerative, diverticular, and heart diseases.

  • Product Availability and Dosages
    Available Forms - capsules, tablets
    Plant parts used - seeds
    Dosages and Routes - are standardized to 85% - 95% procyanidins.  
    Adult - Supplementation PO (by mouth) capsules/tablets: 50-100 mg qd (milligrams every day),
    (McCaleb, 2000).  
    Therapeutic Use - PO capsules/tablets: 150-300 mg eq (milligrams every day) for 21 days, then
    50-80 mg eq (milligrams every day) maintenance (McCaleb, 2000)

  • Precautionary Information
    Contraindications: Until more research is available, grapeseed should not be used during pregnancy
    or and lactation and should not be given to children.

  • Side Effects/Adverse Reactions
    Central Nervous System: Dizziness
    Gastrointestinal: Nausea, anorexia, Hepatotoxicity (theoretical)
    Integumentary: Rash

  • Interactions
    Herb/Drug - unknown
    Herb/Food - unknown
    Herb/Herb - unknown

  • Client Considerations
    Assess - If the client is using grapeseed to improve cardiovascular disorders, assess
    cardiovascular status: edema in legs, improvement in atherosclerosis, improvement in varicose
    veins.  Monitor blood pressure and pulse.
    Identify other cardiovascular medications taken by the client.
    Assess for hepatotoxicity.
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    Vision Improvement - Grapeseed has produced beneficial effects in people with vision problems.  One study focused on participants with
    computer related visual stress.  People who worked at a video display terminal (VDT) for at least 6 hours a day were assigned to one of
    three groups, receiving either grapeseed, bilberry, or a placebo.  After 2 months, the grapeseed group reported much less visual stress, with
    improvements even greater than those seen in the bilberry group (Fusi, 1990).  An earlier study had shown grapeseed to be significantly
    more effective than a placebo in improving night vision.  This earlier study included 98 people who experienced prolonged night visual glare
    or visual stress caused by VDT's (Corbe, 1988).
Other Actions
    Grapeseed has shown protective effects against carbon tetrachloride hepatic poisoning in mice (Oshima, 1995).
    Corbe CH et al: Chromatic sense and chorioretinal circulation: a study of effects of OPC (Endotelon), ... " see book for the rest...
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    Disclaimer / Considerations / Recommendations
    See bottom of page.

    Instruct the client to take grapeseed PO only once per day.
    Instruct the client to store grapeseed products in a cool, dry place, away from heat and moisture.
Teach Client/Family
    Until more research is available, caution the client not to use grapeseed during pregnancy and lactation and not to give it to children.
    Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are unknown.
Primary Chemical Components of grapeseed and Their Possible Actions -
  • Chemical Class: Flavonoid, Tannin, Tocopherol, Fatty acid
  • Individual Component: Kaempferol, Quercetin, Proanthocyanidins
  • Possible Action: Anti inflammatory
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